Stitches Of Eden

1. Sitting On The Moon
2. Your Killer Toy
3. Love Like Aliens
4. Crystal Bullet
5. Friendly Strangers
6. Hybrid Moments
7. Don’t Wake Me Up
8. Psychic Vamp
9. Never Enough
10. As Angels Spying Mars

Label: Alfa Matrix / Format: 2CD CARTON BOX / Year: 2009
Credits: Recorded & mixed and mastered by Helalyn Flowers in 2009.
CD2 Mastered by Len Lemeire at the Implant Plant Studios (BE) in 2009.
Vocals recorded at TON Studios except for ‘Psychic Vamp’ recorded by Helalyn Flowers.
Produced by Helalyn Flowers at Az-Tech Room Studios.
Programming, Art Direction & Photography by Helalyn Flowers.
Illustration, Design and Digital Imaging by NØemi Aurora @ Toxic Visions Design.

After the “Spacefloor Romance” EP today they return with their new album “Stitches Of Eden” which reveals a positive artistic approach far away from doldrums of death, suffering and self-infliction. The Italian duo HELALYN FLOWERS instantly caught the attention of the media thanks to their very unique and exploding musical cocktail as well as their eye-catching imagery. It wasn’t a coincidence that HELALYN FLOWERS were voted best newcomer of the month for their first album by magazines like Orkus and Flash.

An electro album that will for sure ignite the imagination and widen their already quite eclectic fanbase to anyone who enjoys the most diversified bands in the likes of Garbage, Killing Joke, Duran Duran, The Cure, Deadsy, Orgy or even Gary Numan. Top-class unconventional electronic pop-rock tunes for fashion and alternative music lovers. A European tour is being prepared.

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