Helalyn Flowers interviewed by Metal Divas

metal divas interview

We’re glad that our new album keep on getting beautiful words by the media! After our new album great review, this time Metal Divas.com warmly welcomed Helalyn Flowers on their female-metal-portal asking for an interview with both band members. Interview from Metal Divas portal http://metaldivas.com/2013/10/30/interview-max-n0emi-helalyn-flowers/ HELALYN FLOWERS are one of the most revolutionary female-fronted acts …

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Videodope Lyric Video


Join now our official lyric video for our song “Videodope” (from our latest EP with the same title)! Many among you daily ask us for lyrics so this is a little gift for those but also a gift for everyone involved in Helalyn Flowers. Enjoy and play at maximum volume …

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Nøemi Aurora Interviewed by Entertaim.net


German Lifestyle Music magazine Entertaim.net interviews Helalyn Flowers famale member Nøemi talking about the new album. Official Interview at: https://entertaimnet.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/helalyn-flowers-2013-from-italy-to-the-whole-world/ FROM ITALY TO THE WHOLE WORLD Helalyn Flowers from Italy have just released the new album “White me in black” and it’s definitely the strongest HF-album ever, so we talked to …

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Helalyn Flowers remixing XMH


Alfa Matrix’ new signing XMH asked us for a killer remix and here’s the result! The song, ‘Snakes’, is featured on their new album ‘In Your Face’  special bonus tracks ed. Enjoy! In Your Face (Bonus Tracks Version) by XMH