Helalyn Flowers featured on Blutengel’s album Leitbild

Blutengel feat Helalyn Flowers

Helalyn Flowers Joined Blutengel for his new album: ‘Leitbild’ Many of you loved our previous collaboration with Chris Pohl for our latest album ‘Sonic Foundation’. This time it’s up to Helalyn Flowers to have the pleasure to be featured on Blutengel’s song ‘Waste My Time‘. This up beat rock-driven version …

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Helalyn Flowers’ ‘Sonic Foundation’ hits top 100 iTunes US Rock Charts

itunes chart

Just one week after being released,  Helalyn Flowers‘ new album ‘Sonic Foundation’, recorded and produced at the Az Tech Room studios, hits top 100 iTunes US Rock Charts together with artists such as Iggy Pop, The Meteors, Vasco Rossi,Rob Zombie, Elton John and MOB RULES! Also, the very first magazines talking about ‘Sonic Foundation’ are Belgian Peek-a-Boo and German Polyprisma music …

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Cover Up Magazine interviews maXX on Helalyn Flowers new EP

Helalyn Flowers - maXX

Helalyn Flowers featured on German Magazine ‘Cover Up!’ to talk about lots of anticipations on new upcoming album “Sonic Foundation” plus curiosities about various topics and stuff! German version is available at http://www.cover-up-newsmagazine.de/HELALYN-FLOWERS—Interview.html But you can enjoy exclusive English version of this brand new interview with maXX below! Dan Davis: HELLO. YOUR NEW EP ‘BEWARE …

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Exclusive world premiere of new song ‘Karmageddon’


EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE OF NEW SONG KARMAGEDDON OUT NOW! Helalyn Flowers launch today an exclusive world premiere of their new song ‘Karmageddon’ from their upcoming new album! You can download it for FREE here. K.A.R.M.A. THIS IS A KARMAGEDDON – IT’S BLOWING ME AWAY! Matrix Downloaded 004 by HELALYN FLOWERS