Helalyn Flowers’ ‘Sonic Foundation’ hits top 100 iTunes US Rock Charts

Just one week after being released,  Helalyn Flowers‘ new album ‘Sonic Foundation’, recorded and produced at the Az Tech Room studios, hits top 100 iTunes US Rock Charts together with artists such as Iggy PopThe MeteorsVasco Rossi,Rob ZombieElton John and MOB RULES!

Also, the very first magazines talking about ‘Sonic Foundation’ are Belgian Peek-a-Boo and German Polyprisma music magazines , that high-rated the album issuing two awesome reviews!

(…)You better open this Pandora’s box carefully, because if you don’t, the result will be the same, but it will rush as a storm over you. The same goes for this album…Sonic Foundation is a beautiful symbiosis between good and evil, between melodic synths, guitars and at times hard-hitting beats. All these extremes are held together by synth pop and sharp vocals.

Helalyn Flowers hits itunes chart  




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