1. DGTal Blood
2. Voices
3. E-Race Generation
4. E-Race Generation [Angelspit Remix]
5. Voices [Sthilmann Remix]
6. DGTal Blood [Headscan Remix]
7. E-Race Generation [Qelipotic Mix by Rise Of The Fallen]
8. Voices [Neikka RPM Remix]
9. E-Race Generation [Implant Remix]

Label: Alfa Matrix / Format: EP BOX / Year: 2007
Credits: Recorded, mixed & mastered at Temple Of Noise Studios (ITA) in 2007.
Produced by Christian Ice & Helalyn Flowers.
Programming, Art Direction & Photography by Helalyn Flowers.
Illustration, Design and Digital Imaging by NØemi Aurora @ Toxic Visions Design.

Helalyn Flower’s intensive work reveals a wide range of influences from Nu/Goth Metal, Industrial, Alternative, Electronic and even some elements extending towards Cold Pop. We can easily say that their music is unique and will ultimately bring a provocative level of freshness to the scene. An innovative mix of powerful drum beats, sensational female vocals, heavy guitars, pulsating bass, atmospheric orchestrations and uniquely styled synths. Take a deep breath, Helalyn Flowers will blow you away.

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