Spacefloor Romance

1. Hybrid Moments [Alternate Version]
2. Your Killer Toy [Alternate Version]
3. Never Enough
4. Hybrid Moments [Psy’Aviah Remix]
5. Hybrid Moments [Halo in Reverse Remix]
6. Your Killer Toy [Studio-X Hard Dance Remix]
7. Hybrid Moments [Leæther Strip Remix]

Label: Alfa Matrix / Format: EP BOX / Year: 2009
Credits: Recorded & mixed by Helalyn Flowers in 2009.
Mastered by Len Lemeire at the Implant Plant Studios (BE) in 2009.
Vocals recorded at TON Studios.
Produced by Helalyn Flowers at Az-Tech Room Studios.
Programming, Art Direction & Photography by Helalyn Flowers.
Illustration, Design and Digital Imaging by NØemi Aurora @ Toxic Visions Design.

Definitely one of the most alluring and outstanding bands on the Alfa Matrix roster, the Italian duo HELALYN FLOWERS instantly caught the attention of the media thanks to their very unique and exploding musical cocktail as well as their eye-catching imagery. With the “Spacefloor Romance” EP, HELALYN FLOWERS break the silence and reveal the sound orientation that we can expect from their forthcoming second album “Stitches Of Eden”.

Expect dynamic synths, powerful basslines, strong guitars and outstanding female vocals. Next to the upbeat and revolted alternative-rock of “Hybrid Moments” and “Your Killer Toy”, the Italian duo also proves with the wave-pop tone of “Never Enough” that Max’s compositions have become more open and give much more space for N0emi’s voice to breathe and reveal her impressive wide vocal range.

As cherry on the cake, HELALYN FLOWERS selected 4 quality (and exclusive to this EP!!) remixes which each offer a totally new electronic dimension and approach of these great songs by LEAETHER STRIP, PSY’AVIAH, but also HALO IN REVERSE and the dancefloor masters of STUDIO-X. An EP warming our appetite for more unconventional electronic pop-rock tunes from HELALYN FLOWERS… Recommended to fans of bands in the likes of Garbage, Killing Joke, Duran Duran, The Cure, Deadsy, Orgy or even Gary Numan.


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